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Submit your digital storytelling projects to SXSW

Film_DigitalDomain_2013If I ever make it to SXSW one day, the Digital Domain workshops would probably be my top pick to attend–they’ve looked so interesting the last few years! My project is not ready for submitting this year unfortunately. One day, one day.

If you’ve got a project ready though, jump on this opportunity!

Media makers are invited to submit their work to be presented in the Digital Domain for SXSW 2015.The Digital Domain, a SXSW Convergence track tackles new directions in storytelling across a range of exciting new digital platforms. Works can include interactive documentaries, web series, apps, experimental performance work, augmented reality and more. Deadline to apply is December 12, 2014.

Digital Bolex grant for women cinematographers

bolexlogoUntil a coworker at my day job passed this on to me recently, I had no idea that Bolex offered this grant for productions with female cinematographers of up to $10,000 of equipment rentals for up to 21 days! The application is a ongoing rolling submission.

As part of this initiative, they have some statistics on their website about women in the film industry. None of it is startling for those in the field who know how male dominated it is–but it’s still a sobering reminder of how far there is to go (and transgender folks are of course not even on the radar of these kinds of stats collections yet).

  • Film schools in the United States have 50% male and 50% female graduates.1
  • No female director of photography has been nominated for an Academy Award.
  • The first studio film with a female director of photography was FATSO (1980).
  • The first female member of the American Society of Cinematographers, Brianne Murphy, was invited to join in 1980.
  • As of 2014, 14 of 374 members of the ASC are women, just 3.7%.2
  • From 2008-2014, an average of 11% of independent narrative and documentary features screening at major US film festivals had female cinematographers.3
  • Women comprised 7% of cinematographers working on narrative features screening at festivals in 2013-2014.3
  • Women accounted for 12% of cinematographers working on documentaries screening at festivals in 2013-2014.3
  • Women comprised 3% of directors of photography on prime-time broadcast television shows from 1997-2013.4
  • Women comprised 2% of directors of photography on all shows on broadcast networks, basic cable, pay cable, and Netflix original shows from 2012-2013.4
  • Women accounted for 3% of all cinematographers working on the top 250 domestic grossing films of 2013.5
  • 36% of the top 250 films employed 0 or 1 woman in the key roles of director, writer, executive producer, producer, editor, or cinematographer. 2% of films employed 10 to 13 women in these positions. Conversely, 1% of films employed 0 or 1 men in key roles, and 32% employed 10 to 13 men.5

Submit your experimental film to David Lynch juried screening at PAFA

dlCan you imagine David Lynch hand-picking your film to exhibit somewhere? (And then winning some money on top of that?) Well, here’s your chance!

Between October 1 and November 30, 2014, filmmakers may submit films 5-minutes or less to PAFA. Juried by David Lynch and his studio, the top 5 films selected will air during an exclusive screening on January 8, 2015. Films submitted are encouraged to be inspired by art, PAFA’s David Lynch exhibition, and the city of Philadelphia — a city that Lynch has said to be both fantastic and terrifying. http://www.pafa.org/filmproject

“Dear White People” opens this week and next in select cities

If you haven’t heard the buzz about Justin Simien‘s upcoming Sundance Award winning feature length film Dear White People, I’m here to add to the buzz and put it on your radar.

I haven’t watched it yet, but the trailer and small clips that they’ve released so far are really promising with a sophisticated and multi-layered comic take on race.

In order to help this film succeed, folks in the four cities where it’s screening starting this Friday October 17 (ATL, NYC, DC and LA) need to come out in full force and max out the ticket sales so it gets added to more theaters nationally.

And Philly, let’s show the film some love when it opens here on October 24.

“Worn Stories” book release party in Philly this Thursday!

The lovely fellows at All Ages Productions (producers of my web series) are hosting a free party tomorrow evening to celebrate the release of a book they made a cool trailer for–Worn Stories by Emily Spivack. The book features stories from: Greta Gerwig, Piper Kerman, Albert Maysles, John Hodgman, Marina Abromovic, Rosanne Cash, Maira Kalman, Ariel Schrag, Matt Wolf, and others

Some reasons to go to the event (in no particular order):

1. Book features stories from a cool list of people and you’ll get to hear some of them
2. There will be drinks, food and AN ICE CREAM BAR from Little Baby’s Ice Cream
3. Support art

Artists Engaging in Social Change: Grant funding opportunity for individual artists

surdna1This was forwarded to me and I thought I’d share since several other people in my world are eligible for this! The Surdna Foundation is now accepting proposals for funding individual artists’ projects for 1-2 years.  Here’s a bit more on the call for proposals from their website:

The Surdna Foundation is now accepting proposals for one- or two-year support to extraordinary artist-driven projects as part of its Artists Engaging in Social Change funding area. All artistic disciplines will be considered, including cross-disciplinary work. The request for proposal (RFP) is open to both 501(c)(3) organizations and individual artists and culture bearers, but artists and collectives that are not incorporated as 501(c)(3)s must apply under a fiscal sponsor. Through this RFP, Surdna will support compelling projects that artists develop in response to their communities’ specific challenges, and will also fund the projects of artists whose long-term, deeply-rooted work has increased social engagement without necessarily being explicitly defined as “activist.” Proposals will be accepted between September 15 and November 12, 2014. Surdna staff, with support from outside experts, will present recommendations to the Surdna board and final decisions will be made in early April, 2015. The Foundation believes this process will allow us to make considered investments in artistic practices that focus on engaging and reflecting communities.  Application guidelines are provided below and frequently asked questions, including grant amounts and definitions of key terms, are available here.

Scriptapalooza Writing Competition: deadline October 17

logo1This screenwriting competition–with a $10,000 cash prize–was forwarded to me and I thought I’d pass it along.

Scriptapalooza Television is now accepting submissions for its Writing Competitions.

The Screenwriting Competition was created to nurture talent and create opportunities for screenwriters. Winners receive $10,000 and exposure to dozens of production companies and literary representatives for their work.

The Television Competition was created so that partners can help top television writers push their project ideas forward by procuring meetings and phone calls with production companies and building relationships. Winners receive more than $3000 in cash prizes.

There are four writing categories for the television competition including pilot, sitcom, reality, and 1-hour drama.

The application deadline is October 17, 2014. Click here for more information about how to apply.