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Exploring Credit Card Debt and the Iranian-American Immigrant Experience

bailoutcreditswipeI’ve admired the work of Ajam Media Collective for a few years, so it’s a great honor to have a guest post on their site this week! “Exploring Credit Card Debt The Iranian-American Immigrant Experience” is a personal essay reflecting on some of my experiences that led to the creation of Bailout.

“Many years ago I was bemoaning my credit card debt to a friend and her brilliant response was: “Having credit card debt doesn’t make you a failure, it just makes you American.” Later that day, I wrote that statement down. I sensed its importance, though I wasn’t sure why. Little did I know at the time that the statement would become the anchor for my new web series, Bailout.”

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Some tips for surviving as a mom on a film set

I’m thrilled that my piece “Filmmaker with a baby? 4 tips from to smooth life on set and avoiding calling it quits” was recently published on Mentorless.

It reflects on things I learned shooting my web series while my daughter was 6 months old.

The piece is not just for nursing moms, but for producers and AD’s looking to make their sets more supportive and inclusive for nursing moms.

Finish your film, no matter how bad you think it is.

Does your movie suck? It’s okay, finish it. It’s gonna take a year? Who cares, finish it. You’ll get much more respect – and career capital – by completing something than by abandoning a project and trying to mount another one. They’re all your babies, some of them are just a little bit less … pretty. It doesn’t matter – by committing to what you start, you’re telling everyone (including yourself) that you’re serious, you’re putting in the time and effort to make it the best you can.

-Paul Schattel, in Ten Tactics For MicroBudget Success

My new web series is online!

I’m excited to announce the release of a new web series called Bailout that I hope you’ll take a moment to check out and if you like it, to also donate to.

What’s it about?

Bailout is set in 2009 and follows the story of Shahlah or “Shay”, an Iranian American woman whose credit card debt presents a series of emotional and logistical challenges with her immigrant family. The first episode was released a few days ago. The second one will be released once we reach the $15k half-way fundraising mark on our Kickstarter Campaign.

How can I help?!

If you like what you see, here’s a few things you can do to help this series succeed:

Why tell this story?

I’m interested in exploring how credit cards create a blurry understanding of what it means to be “middle class” in the United States.

I’m interested in offering a wider spectrum of representation for Iranian Americans and other people often marginalized from mainstream media.

And several other good reasons you can read about here.

I hope you’ll help this project continue by donating $10, $15 or $20 today.