On the Shelf

A homage to book lovers, On the Shelf is a humorous love story about being particular about the contents of a date’s shelf. Shot in New York City, the video captures several women owned businesses including Bluestockings Bookstore, Dish and Toys in Babeland.

12 minute


July 2003, Lesbian Herstory Archives Summer Series. Brooklyn, NY.
October 2003, OutFlix: Mid-South LGBT Film Festival. Nashville, TN.
December 2003, Queers with Cams, Prince Film Theater. Philadelphia, PA.
February 2004, Reel Identities: New Orleans LGBT Film Festival. New Orleans, LA.
February 2004, Art Nerd Night, Oni Gallery. Boston, MA.
April 2004, aLAF: Lesbian Arts Festival, Dublin, Ireland.
May 2004, Inside Out: Toronto Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Toronto, ON.
June 2004, New Fest: New York Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, New York, NY.
June 2004, Frameline: San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, San Fran, CA.
July 2004, OUT Fest: Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA.
July 2004, Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA
August 2004, Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, MI.
October 2004, Austin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Austin, TX.
October 2004, Reel Affirmations, Washington DC
November 2004, Larzish- 2nd International film festival of sexuality and gender plurality, Bombay, India
April 2005, London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, London, England


Camera: Naomi Skoglund, Felix Endara, Chanelle Mathews, Desiree Vestor, Sara Zia Ebrahimi


Riley Snorton, Katori Hall, Melissa Clay, Anna Stochensky and Jack Aponte