The Achievements of Exile

Using text, images, and sound this video pieces together two visual journals with quiet and subtle beauty. Within these two journal entries a woman contemplates the need for connection to blood family in a globalized world where fewer people are near the place they “came from” (be it physical or otherwise) and finds a paradox of a simultaneous embrace and letting go of her family.

12 minutes
16mm film, 35mm stills


November 2005, BLINK, West Philadelphia, PA
April 2006, Philadelphia International Film Festival/Festival of Independents, Philadelphia, PA

June 2006, riffRag Collective, New York City, NY

November 2006, Journal of Short Film v5

January 2007, Scribe Video Center Storyville Series, Philadelphia, PA

June 2007, Women of Color Film Festival, San Francisco, CA
October 2008, SisterFire LA, Los Angeles, CA