Share your creative talent in the movement to block casinos from opening in Philadelphia

This is from JJ Tiziou, a photographer in Philly whose work and politics I really respect and is a fellow “can you please forward this and post it” aquaintance.

I hope that you’ll consider creating some artwork against the casinos. To create a little bit of added incentive, I’m donating some free photo shoots. ($600-800 value) – this could be useful to you or someone you know, either for a headshot, a family portrait, performance documentation, promotional imagery, etc.
As to the artwork-  It could be anything you’d like. A screen print, a drawing, an informational video or a comedy sketch. If you find thematic guidance helpful, the theme for CFP’s new campaign is “Declaring our Independence from Casinos” – and there are plenty of opportunities to go back to historic/revolutionary imagery – but there’s also a lot of other ways to go artwork-wise, and the more the better. Please just take the time to learn a bit about the issues and create a response. Then share it with us, and also with your audiences.
Info about the contest is at:

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