Samples from current film project

I’m really enjoying collaborating on this project with someone with such a strong background in sculpture and painting. Irit is pushing me to actually experiment with the images and build layers of texture and color with them the way you would with a painting. I also appreciate her ability to not be concerned with the “final product” and be wholly dedicated to the process.

The film is about the Ben Franklin Bridge. Sort of. The bridge is our anchor. But based on the writing exchanges we’ve been doing over the past months, it will also be about building things that last, immigration, displacement, the role of commerce in physically structuring the world around us. In some sort of way.

Here a few recent images. First, we shot footage of the bridge (which, by the way, after attracting police and helicopters after a few shoots we realized is illegal under the Homeland Security act). Then we projected it and distorted the projection using old eye glass lenses, then photographed and shot those projections. Here’s what it looks like:



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