Late night lovin’

Video chat production meeting
Video chat production meeting

Just had an awesome production meeting with Niknaz and Aghigh for Aghigh’s film project via video chat.

It inevitably ended up being a long reflection on what’s been happening in Iran this past week. These two are brilliant.

I’m feeling a lot of love.

I love talking with them.

I love that we have the technology to do this.

I love that I’m working on this film with two other Iranian-Americans who feel similarly estranged from other Iranians for being our artist selves. Through our artistic process we’re building community and contradicting that isolation.

I love when something can be educational, political and theraputic and healing all at once.

I love when, even just for a moment, like right now, I not just accept but am proud and confident of my “artist self.”

la la la.

I think this is what people mean when they ask, “What makes your heart sing?”


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