Fat Camp, Popsicles and Clean Toilets.

To celebrate my last day working full time at my job of 2.5 years (almost 5 years actually if you count the 2.5 years I worked there the last time around before I left for 2 years and then came back again) I went to Colorado to visit my father for 5 days.

Or that’s what I thought I was doing–celebrating.

Instead, it kind of felt like I was sent to “fat camp”–you know, when you’re told you’re going to summer camp but you show up and realize that you’re at a camp for fat kids and now you have to exercise nonstop and eat rice cakes all week.

Our family has both diabetes and heart problems. My dad is determined to beat them naturally–which I actually really commend him for. I just wasn’t prepared for what that would mean for my visit.

I was stuck in some pretty intense emotional eating my last few months at work. I usually felt like I couldn’t possibly make it through the 3pm slump without eating a brownie or cookie. So I’d been eating minimum one baked good a day on a regular basis when I arrived at his door. He, however, has decided to not eat any salt or sugar.

So it was me, some fruit, and about 10 miles a day of hiking. It was like a lighter form of detoxing. It was totally amazing to realize that when I’m not trapped in an office I can go past 3pm without sugar and still be quite functional. I did have to take some naps in between, so maybe that was the trade off. But the idea of not being so dependent on sugar was pretty liberating and something I celebrated going through, eventually.

Not that I haven’t had my fair share of sugary treats since I’ve been back this past week including Korean popsicles, Capagiros,  and the most insanely delicious ice cream from Franklin Fountain. (If you haven’t been to either of these places you must go.)

But in my new work from home life I’m redefining my relationship to sugar and my habits and find that kind of hopeful.

And, I’m finding in my new life that I have time to clean the bathroom. Not just a wipe down, but old toothbrush around the base of the water fixtures kinda cleaning. In 15 minute intervals between other work or watching a movie. It’s so incredibly satisfying.

I’m also riding my bike a lot these days to different errands in neighborhood as well as other nurturing places like the meditation studio to join in a group sit and the woods to go for a walk among trees (trees!).

I turns out that I do actually prefer health to wealth.


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