Practicing my face

Tonight, I find out if I won the business plan competition.

Oscars style, which I think is kinda horrible. Because it means that I have to practice my face. My if I win face, that won’t be too too excited so I don’t make the other three women feel too bad, and my if I don’t win face so I’m not captured in photos with some quiver lipped look of defeat like I’m in a boxing match with the voices in my head.

The thing is,  I feel really, really proud of myself for making it this far. Enough so to declare it publically on the internet!

A year ago, I was steeped in stories about how horrible I was at managing money, how I’d never be able to run a business. I was doing the exercise in The Energy of Money and having very challenging revelations about my relationship to money and class.

So the fact that I even made it this far and some business minded people thought my plan was sound enough to make it through two rounds of eliminations is actually quite incredible to me.

I’m celebrating that as already being enough.

(Not that $10,000 wouldn’t be nice. Or however much it ends up being–they also don’t tell you how much it is!)

I’m also celebrating feeling incredible love and support from friends–which, as I’ve shared in earlier post, is not a feeling that comes easily to me. I’ve gotten heartwarming emails, tweets, and texts that quite honestly already make me feel all giddy and loved and confident without winning. At the risk of sounding totally corny: I think feeling this love and support right now is what I’ve really won.

In a few hours I meet up with my good friend/creative inspiration/copy editor extraordinaire to put together an outfit that on her advice should ” should say ‘artsy film genius with snazzy biz acumen’. ”

In the meantime I’m bouncing in my chair in the office trying to focus.  I tried to get rid of the bouncies this morning at a fly 8am new wave dance party that happened in my bedroom. But they’re still here. . .

Stayed tuned!


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