Media That Matters Festival

This Monday’s Mention is the Media That Matters Film Festival, which has just extended its deadline for call for entries. The festival is put on by Arts Engine, which is a great hub for other calls for submissions and other filmmaking resources. They also provide fiscal sponsorship for film projects that meet their guidelines, which we are applying for for the film I am producing, Topo Gigio is Dead.

Here more information:

Submit your film for the chance to work with us in creating social change through film. If selected, your film will take become a part of Media That Matters — an international, multi-platform campaign streaming and playing to thousands of people at screenings across the globe. Media That Matters creates discussion guides and screening materials to promote conversation and encourage educators, activists and organizers alike to Take Action around these films. Join us in our TENTH year and submit your film now!

CRITERIA: * Short films — the shorter the better—no longer than 12 minutes max, but 8 and under would be great!
* Social issues — Any and all issues will be considered. This year we are focusing on Media Literacy, Human Rights, LGBTQ & Sexual Identity, Youth Activism and International issues in particular.
* The film should encourage the audience to be engaged and take action around the issue.
* All genres — Documentary, animation, public service announcement, narrative, music video, drama, comedy. Creativity is encouraged — but your film must focus on a social issue.
* Open to all ages — Youth-produced projects encouraged!


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