Community Access in Kabletown

Philly, man. It’s always such a struggle with the city to get things right. (I’m feeling kinda grumpy toward the city the last few months–see my last post about city taxes).

Did you know that for over two decades the city and Comcast sat on money that was supposed to go toward creating a public access TV station? And it took thousands of people signing on to this forever campaign to finally get them to hand it over.

The good news is that it’s now up and running–and looking for content to air!

Submit Your TV program

PhillyCAM is now accepting all types of programs — Talk Shows, Documentaries, News Programs, Animated Short Films, Arts and Culture Events, Educational and Youth Produced Work.  Programs produced in Philadelphia area our first priority.  If you are a producer from outside of Philadelphia you must get a Philadelphia resident to sponsor the submission of your program . Preferred format for all submissions is either DVD or MPEG2.

If you have any questions regarding our submission process or
are interested in creating a series for PhillyCAM contact programming[at]

Download PhillyCAM Program Submission Form

To request a PhillyCAM Program Submission Form email


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