After Effects, After all. Or, an inexpensive way to learn most software programs.

I’m not on a rooftop, but I’m feeling high
Last week I wrote about how I’d been stuck in a bit of a creative rut with my film, which involved a lot of Desperate Housewives and naps with the new dog and how collaborating with bex is breathing new life into this project.

I did feel a little twinge of wishing I was done when I saw Rooftop Film’s announcement of their summer line up, but as the director said in an email to me–better to wait for a final more perfect product.

I’m in love with Lynda(.com)
bex and I now have weekly production meetings where we work for a while side by side and then do a training session in After Effects on our new account on I know I’m a bit late getting on this train. But it took me this long to discover the amazingness that is, so I feel compelled to write about it and make sure you all know how great it is.

It’s great.

It’s only $25 a month, and there’s no minimum limit on how many months you can subscribe for.

There’s in detail video tutorials on almost any software you want to learn–or at least any I’ve been wanting to learn recently: After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, Dreamweaver. Even if you just need to learn an advanced formula in Excel.

bex and I both had the experience of making it through film school without learning all the things we’d hoped in detail. After Effects is one of those programs I really hoped to increase my fluency in but was concerned I’d not be able to now that I’m outside of a school environment. And here I am learning After Effect, after all.


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  1. yeah!!

    it’s totally true – i learned FCP when my TA for media arts was willing to meet me on a Saturday and show me the basics. i still think it’s ridiculous that you can take classes and be required to turn in work, but they don’t teach you what you need to know to produce the work.

    i’m also hoping to use lynda to brush up on PS and Illustrator, since it could be really helpful in combination with AE. the recent versions have gotten away from me a bit.

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