Hello? England?

This post is not about the World Cup. . . though I’ve been having a fun time watching games, catching up with friends, and having a legit reason to have a beer before 3pm.

And besides, I’m not really rooting for the UK anyway.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, I’ve been learning After Effects together with fellow artist bex, which by definition also means learning more Photoshop as well.

Yesterday we imported all our assets and did our first basic animation. I am so thrilled.

Here’s a very crude still from our sequence about Mossadegh’s attempt to nationalize Iran’s oil supply.

"Hallo? England? We're taking over the oil supply. . . .I mean, since it was ours to begin with anyway."

“I thought your film was about Norman Schwarzkopf though?” you ask.

“Indeed.” I say back.


“So, you’ll just have to wait and see. . . “


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