To the Mountain Top

I didn’t blog last week because I was at a retreat for my gig with ITVS as the Regional Outreach Coordinator for their Community Cinema Program.

There’s an incredible line up of shows coming the Independent Lens this fall (check your local PBS listings) and to the Community Cinema program.

Here's the results for my zipcode

One of the films, Deep Down, is about mountain top removal and the coal industry–a topic I knew very little about. This film humanizes the coal debate by following two individuals in an Appalachian holler that are facing the major coal companies and coming to different conclusions about what to do in response.

We got to discuss the film with one of the filmmakers, Jen Gilomen and I learned about this online resource which also adds to this “humanization” of the issue, If you plug in your zip code it will tell you if your power supply in your area is connected to mountain top removal, and also allows you to read about the area your coal powered energy comes from.

This is an exciting model for online organizing and drawing people into and issue, as well as linking your film with a larger community organizing movement.


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