Wonder Camera

I was missing a theme for Thursday posts for a while there, but am excited to announce my new Thursday Technology posts to add to my collection!

The Robots Are Taking All The Pictures


The “Wonder Camera.”

It’s always a bad idea to name something “The _____ of the Future” or “The Wonder ___.” Because one day it will be so outdated, old, and not so wonderful compared to new advances that you might feel embarrassed.

Canon maybe feels confident enough that this new automated camera it announced at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai is going to be in fact a wonder camera. Documentary Tech described it as a “coffeemaker with a lens on the end.”

Similar to the emergence of other automated technologies, people are debating weather this camera’s “perfect” focusing abilities will render humans (more) useless.

Until robots develop their own sense of consciousness, aesthetics, and concepts of composition, I’m not too concerned, personally.

To read more detail about the camera you can also check out the Gizmag review.


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