Why Won’t Twitter and Kickstarter Save Indie Film?

Sometimes I’m a lazy blogger.

Seriously though, sometimes I find another blog post and think it’s a much more rounded and well thought out statement than I have at the moment on something I wanted to write about anyway. So why not just post a link and call it a day?

Here I go:

There’s a very interesting article and comment convo on Anthony Kaufman’s article in Filmmaker called Why Won’t Twitter and Kickstarter Save Indie Film?



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  1. Hey,
    Thanks for posting this article! I also noticed that you got funded by Rooftop. I’d love to see your short–is there a way you can send me a URL link? Very cool that you’re with Termite TV–I know Anula Shetty & am actually working with someone who interned with Termite.


  2. Hima

    Nice to “meet” you–your work described on your website looks super interesting!

    The film isn’t done yet. For the past few months I’ve been collaborating with bex (http://www.leeway.org/grantee-info.html?action=granteeDetail&GranteeID=725) to animate many of the scenes, in most cases with old time consuming hand processed techniques.

    I would love to share it though once it’s done!

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