Independence Foundation Fellowship for Philly Artists

The Independence Foundation in Philadelphia has an upcoming deadline on October 12th for applications for their Fall funding cycle.

This season is for performing artists; the spring deadline is for visual artists (including filmmakers!).

You can read more and download the application and guidelines here.


The Independence Foundation believes that a strong arts and cultural community is crucial to Philadelphia and the surrounding Pennsylvania counties. The Foundation recognizes the need to assist artists in furthering their training and professional development. To that end, the Independence Foundation has created the Independence Foundation Fellowships in the Arts. Fellowship grants are awarded to originating artists (painters, sculptors, choreographers, playwrights, composers, etc.) and interpretive artists (actors, dancers, musicians, etc.) There are two grant cycles annually, one in the Visual Arts (spring) and one in the Performing Arts (fall).


The Independence Foundation Fellowships in the Arts is an opportunity for exceptional artists to take a key step forward in their professional development. This is the primary goal of the program. Artists are encouraged to be creative in discovering the best possible way to expand their artistic horizons. There are no set boundaries for what is possible or what types of projects might be funded. However, a successful project should be well designed and of maximum practical value to the artist. In addition, the project must provide the artist with an opportunity for artistic growth and improvement in his/her primary area of work; such as assisting the artist in acquiring new skills relevant to his/her work; or providing the artist with a unique developmental opportunity.


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