This Week in Blackness

The ever lovely Denise Brown, executive director of the Leeway Foundation introduced me to an online TV show by a comedian she recently met,  Elon James White.

This Week in Blackness is savvy and comedic commentary. Besides the wit and intelligence of some of the episodes’ content, what I appreciate about EJW’s work is:

  • Its lo-fi lo-budget nature. He’s a great example of the opportunities accessible video production technology and the internet provide. With one man, a mic, a camera and a computer he’s able to reach thousands of people with something that looks slick.
  • That hard to strike balance of humor and schoolin’ that I dream about achieving in my work in the future.
  • Makes me think yet again about producing shorter online TV shows rather than investing so much time and resources into one massive crazy feature length film. It’s been on my mind a lot recently.

Here’s the most recent episode for your viewing pleasure:


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