Termites Burrow into Fishtown this Friday


LOCATION: Rocket Cat Café,  2001 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia PA
TIME: Friday Oct. 01, 2010 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Termite TV is excited to introduce video walking tours to the Frankford Arts First Friday in October. As part of Termite TV’s ongoing Walk Philly project, video artists collaborated on four pieces focusing on local lore of Fishtown/Kensington. People are invited to meet the participating artists and follow the walks with an iPod for a unique, immersive experience of Frankford Avenue’s history, poetry & edible weeds! Artists involved in the production of these walks include: Michael Kuetemeyer, Anula Shetty, Laura Deutch, Deborah Rudman, Michael O’Reilly, Erin Howley, Lynn Landes and Kenneth Milano. Each of the connected walks run between 5 and 15 minutes.

Come by the Termite TV table at the
Rocket Cat Café,  2001 Frankford Ave. First Friday Oct. 01,  from 5:30pm until 7:30pm to meet the artists and download the videos to your own iPod/iPhone or one you borrow from  the Termites. Any of the Walk Philly tours can also be accessed and downloaded from the Termite TV website  http://www.termite.org
These Video Walks are all part of Termite TV’s Walk Philly project. Walk Philly is an ever-growing database of video tours made and led by a diverse array of artists, students, historians and community organizers. Each Walk Philly video tour is a personal interpretation evoking different moods, memories and histories ranging from the playful to the experimental to the informative. To take an immersive trip through the diverse streets and neighborhoods of Philadelphia go to http://www.termite.org/walkphilly, Click a walk by theme or location on the map, download it to your iPod/iPhone, go to the start location, play the video and Walk Philly!

Founded in 1992, the mission of Termite TV Collective is to produce, distribute and facilitate the creation of experimental and activist media that challenges the status quo and provides an alternative to corporate media. Termite TV values working collaboratively across artistic disciplines, inspiring other artists, encouraging the expression of multiple styles and points of view, risk-taking, innovation and the blend of humor and intelligent critique in our work. To date Termite TV has produced over 40 programs and 30 walks, which have been broadcast nationally on television and screened at festivals and museums worldwide.


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