Accounting for the Arty

For those of you in the Philadelphia area who are creative types with a pieced together income of freelancing and continuous creative work–most of which doesn’t pay at all: I have found a dream accountant. I recommend him highly. He’s got years of experience of working with filmmakers and other creative types. He didn’t bat an eyelash when I showed him the mess of my 2009 patchwork.

AND, if you remember my shock about understanding Philadelphia’s wack tax structure for small businesses. . . well he’s filing my application and taking care of all that too. After all that complaining and procrastination to understanding it turns out I only owe the city like $10–well, in addition to the $300 for the “privilege” of doing business in this fair town (even though my net for The Flickering Light was -$170. Yes, minus. I have to to pay $300 for the privilege to lose money in Philadelphia.)

If you use him, please tell him I referred you:

P. John Paulson, CPA. pjphye [at] yahoo dot com.

Now go get some money back.


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