Tuesday Tunes: Cut Copy

This is some Australian dance-rock goodness I’ve really been enjoying recently. Hearts on Fire–both the title track and the album–are by far my favorite and keep me moving the most.

Pitchfork recently did an interview with them about their new third album, Zonoscope.

“Cut Copy are one of those bands that sneaks up on you. The Australian dance-rock group’s first album, 2004’s Bright Like Neon Love, arrived at the exact moment many of us were discovering our iPods’ shuffle function and, at least for this writer, they quickly became the one group I was always happy to hear when they randomly popped up. At first, Bright Like Neon Love sounded like a fun but insubstantial combination of fizzy, winsome indie-pop and starry-eyed, hard-thumping house music. But after a few months, those songs didn’t go away; they sunk in deep. On the follow-up, 2008’s In Ghost Colours, they sunk in even deeper, with tracks like “Hearts on Fire” and “Lights and Music” registering as honest-to-god hands-in-the-air anthems.

Now, they’ve returned with Zonoscope, a masterful long-form piece of work with jittery reggae-pop tracks dissolving gorgeously into retro-house bangers, and all of it ending in the blissed-out 15-minute disco-marathon “Sun God”. We recently spoke with frontman Dan Whitford via telephone from Australia about the new album, the process of recording while hung over, and how they started out pretending to be a band.” To read the full article and interview, which includes music videos, click here.


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