CineFest Shorts Program Featuring PIFVA Funded Films


PIFVA (Philadelphia Independent Film & Video Association) is the longest established media arts voice in the region and showcases, supports and sustains the creative capacity of the Philadelphia’s independent media community through programs that provide opportunities to make work, network, build skills, show work and share information. Formed in 1979 by independent filmmakers to provide services to media makers working in all genres, styles and at all levels of experience, PIFVA began as a program at International House for 19 years, and has evolved into an essential and dynamic resource for local media makers, encouraging independent, non-commercial, artistically provocative, diverse, and often, community-based production of work. The “PIFVA Finishing Fund Program” provides post-production grants to media makers who are completing a media arts project and is one of the few grants programs funding individual filmmaker projects. This program will feature a montage of all the filmmakers we have funded through our Finishing Funds program and as well as a 95 minute program of recent short films made by PIFVA members. Program: Prayer for Philadelphia (2009, 4′, Dir: Richard Hoffmann) Studies in Transfalumination (2008, 6′, Dir: Peter Rose) Berks and Belgrade (2009, 5′, Dir: Michael O’Reilly) El Centro D’Oro (20xx, xx’, by Scribe Video Center) Mosaic (2010, 19′, Dir: Ian Markiewicz (Collaborating directors: W. Scott Calvert, Marc D’Agostino, Tom Quinn) Li: The Patterns of Nature (2007, 9′ Dir: John N. Campbell) Troupe de Fetishe (2010, 7′, Dir: Lisa Marie Patzer, Ian Markiewicz, Doris (Chia-Ching) Lin) Topo Gigio Is Dead (2011, 23′, Dir: David Miranda Hardy) Never Too Late (2009, 8′, Dir: Wendy L. Weinberg) Cosmic Trane (2003, 14′, Dir: Nadine Patterson)


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