Call for Submissions to Zine on Islamaphobia

Passing on this call for submissions that came my way.

**ZINE SUBMISSION CALL OUT | Bitchin’ Ain’t Easy: Fabulous Muslims Speak on Islamophobia

Calling Muslims of the Queer, Trans, Radical and Fabulous Varieties!!!

A group of bay area muslims are putting together a zine to confront, share, name and re-imagine experiences of islamophobia. surviving and being a muslim in this poltiical moment is a constant struggle and political act. this zine is to tell our collective stories and celebrate the ways we manage islamophobia and our fabulousness, cause bitchin’ ain’t easy, ya’ll!

What’s a zine?

A zine is any publication put together and distributed by the creator (or creators), for love and not profit. They can be xeroxed or printed; small or big; written, typed, typeset or drawn; and on any subject the creator cares about. this zine is to hold up the perspectives of often untold muslims – the radicals, queers, fabulous and fierce folks – through adding narratives of navigating the spectrum of practice, belief, ideology, sect, gender and islamophobia.

this zine is about resistance and resilience, and us telling the stories for ourselves with all their edges, contradictions, beauties and gems. this is about saying no to islamophobia and being racialized and politiczed because of our muslim identity – regardless of how secular, radical, and culturally muslim we are. this is about saying yes to the liberation of all people. yes to being allied with and an ally for others. this is about taking a step towards our collective healing. swoooon…..

we are looking for writing / poetry / artwork that illuminates: *how islamophobia has impacted your life, and/or *how and why you choose to step up and stand up against islamophobia. we want to create a space for stories about how being muslim and queer, trans, politically radical, an activist, working class/poor, and/or fabulous has shaped who you are today, and what you care about, about the work that you do, and the lessons you have learned.

values we want upheld in submissions: * intersectional and anti-oppression lens (this is not the time to play oppression olympics, folks) * speak your truths, take care of your safety, be creative (pseudo names are gravy, if needed) * working towards community building and breaking isolation * our stories are colored within a context of islamophobia – air your laundry, and be mindful of how the piece will be read * islamophobia falls within a continuum of oppression, honor the histories of other oppressed peoples

Send submissions via email, either in text in the body of the email or attached to islamophobia.zine (at) gmail dot com. In the subject enter Bitchin’ Ain’t Easy. Include: a brief bio your mailing address (to receive the zine) If you prefer to remain anonymous, let us know or include a pen name. Email any photos, artwork as an attachment.

DEADLINE: friday september 16!!!!!!!

To register and let them know you’ll be submitting, fill in this nifty form.


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