Media That Matters Festival

This past weekend I was lucky to be able to attend the 11th annual Media That Matters Festival in New York City. MTM showcases short documentary and narrative films on a variety of social justice issues.

Part of what makes MTM so innovative is that it is not just a fixed festival that ends once the films have screened on a particular date. The films are free online and available year round. The films are then used for engagement and outreach to educators and community activists for use in classrooms, discussions and community organizing campaigns. The films also tour around the country for screenings in a variety of venues.

Here’s an example of one this year’s line of films for the festival from Philly’s own Nuala Cabral, which won a “Speaking Out” Award.

This year in addition to the screenings MTM held a day of panel discussions called “Women and Girls Matter” looking at women in the independent film industry. I liveblogged the whole day from all four panels and the archive is available here.

This week I’ll be sharing info from some of the great panelists I met there. Stay tuned!


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