Media That Matters Reportback #3: Transmedia and Aina Abiodun

I’ve been increasingly interested in media storytelling beyond the traditional dark room and projecting on a screen version of creating films. I’ve heard the term “transmedia” bouncing around a lot these days and have nodded my head like I know what it means. And I guess I kind of do–the way I understand it is that it’s a way to tell a story across different digital formats that are integrated together. But it was really helpful for me to actually hear someone who thinks about transmedia a lot to talk about it and wrap my mind around it a bit more.

One of the panelists at Media That Matters that I got to see this past weekend was a woman named Aina Abiodun who is the founder of the NYC Transmedia MeetUp group and, as she shared on the panel, is often one of the only women involved in these circles.

If you too are trying to wrap your head around understanding transmedia better and want to get to know some of the key players and interesting projects out there, check out this podcast interview with her on Who’s Who in Transmedia. There’s also a short written interview with her here  on adgeek that links to some great other resources for understanding the world a bit better.


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