Artist Shout Out: Elisha Lim

Continuing on with my promised artist shout outs to the excellent people I met earlier this month, here’s another artist to put on your radar: Elisha Lim.

Elisha’s illustrations have the quality I haven’t quite been able to name yet. The best word I’ve been able to come up with is “accessible.” I feel that way when I look at Basquit’s work too. I’m not saying their styles are anything close to each other, because they are not. But it’s that feeling that you are looking at something really smart and technically advanced, but that you still “get” it.

A lot of art requires an explanation from my sweetheart/art history background tourguide, and when he’s not around I basically feel lost and out of the club. I appreciate art that doesn’t make me feel stupid but actually talks to me. And that’s how I feel about Elisha’s illustrations and writing.

Elisha’s forthcoming graphic novel 100 Butches–full of humorous and poignant stories–will be available to us all soon, but in the meantime you can order prints and cards on etsy here.


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