My “Films I Watched in 2011” Cumulative List!

This past year I’ve kept a film journal with notes on every movie I watch and what means I watch it through (cable, theater, DVD, streaming). My hope in 2012 is to actually translate those into blog posts online.

For this year though I offer you just a list of titles in case you are searching for ideas for films to add to your Netflix queue. (This list does not include the documentaries I’ve done screening events for in Philadelphia over the past year, but it should!)

Feel free to share yours–I’m always looking for reminders and suggestions of movies to watch!

(in chronological order)
Cache DVD/Netflix
Magnolia DVD/Netflix
Exit Through the Gift Shop Netflix Streaming
Kiki’s Delivery Service DVD/Netflix
Fur DVD/Netflix
The Passenger DVD/Netflix
Reign Over Me DVD/Netflix
Thor theater
Hiroshama Mon Amour DVD/Netflix
Pirates of the Carribean 4 theater
Easy A Netflix streaming
Michael Clayton DVD/Netflix
V For Vendetta DVD/Netflix
Super 8 theater
Why Did I Get Married DVD/Netflix
Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows theater
Captain America theater
Cowboys and Aliens theater
I Am arthouse/microcinema
Dispicable Me DVD/Netflix
The Da Vinci Code DVD/Netflix
It’s Complicated cable
A Lot Like You arthouse/microcinema
Circumstance arthouse/microcinema
Dream Girls DVD/Netflix
Men Who Stare At Goats cable
Black August HipHop Project arthouse/microcinema
Julie and Julia DVD/Netflix
The Spirit of the Beehive DVD/Netflix
Frost/Nixon DVD/Netflix
The Muppets theater
The Lives of Others DVD/Netflix
Brick Lane  DVD/Netflix
Inception cable
Star Wars DVD/home collection
Empire Strikes Back DVD/home collection
Zach and Mira Make a Porno  cable
Mystic Pizza cable


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