Philadelphia Cultural Workers–New Coworking Space and Panel Discussion

Thursday, Jan 19th, 5:30-6:30pm. The Barclay: 237 South 18th Street, Suite 3a.

Please RSVP :

Did you know Culture Works is launching a coworking space for cultural workers similar to Indyhall in Philadelphia?

The founder of Culture Works coworking space will moderate a discussion with three visual arts about sharing space for management as well as creating work this Thursday.  Featured panelists are:

Kelani Nichole: ingenious Indy Hall coworker, and member of Visual Arts Collective, Little Berlin.

Darla Jackson: Philly-based sculptor and co-owner of the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym–a community based sculpture workshop that operates similar to a gym membership and provides a plethora of sculptural tools.

Dan Schimmel: visual artist extraordinaire and Director of Breadboard–a hybrid program at the University City Science Center that facilitates cross-disciplinary art exhibits, community outreach initiatives and special programs offering public access to a new generation of fabrication technology and workspace in an effort to empower individuals and convene communities around creative applications of technology!


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