Artist Coworking Spaces and Resources in Philadelphia I Just Learned About

Last night I attended a discussion put on by Culture Works and CFEVA on artist coworking spaces in Philadelphia. I LOVE living in a city where there are constantly new surprises for me of things going on I had no idea about. For all of you grumpy heads out there that get down on this city I want to say that there really are so many great things happening here and you might just need to shake it up a bit, step outside your primary social circles, and you’ll discover there’s all kinds of things going on.

Or, maybe you all know about these things and I’m just the one that’s way behind?

Did you know about the artist residency at Breadboard and their collaboration with NextFab Studio, a coworking space that is a sculptor and industrial design person’s dream with digital sewing machines, 3D printing, laser etching, every saw you could ever want and classes on how to use it all?

Or about the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym another sculptors’ haven opening later this spring?

The great shared curatorial collective model at Little Berlin?

That Culture Works is working on opening a co-working space for cultural workers similar to the lovely model of the very successful IndyHall?

That the Brooklyn based 3rd Ward, a multi-disciplinary workspace and education center, is opening up in Philly?


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