Philly: Selling My Almost New Panasonic DVX100B Video Camera for $900

I am selling my Panasonic DVX100B, a Petrol carrying case, battery and charger all for $900. The camera has barely been used (less than 100hours of shooting, most of which has been at events on a tripod not running around handheld) and is in almost new condition.

Although it’s not an HD camera, it can be blown up to 35mm and produce TV broadcast quality work (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was shot on a DVX100 originally). If you are not familiar with this camera, this was an “it” camera to have before smaller and more mobile cameras like the Canon 5D emerged. I still think the 24p mode on this DVX100B produces a cinematic image quality that is unlike any other. Also, the built in XLR ports render better sound quality than having to add on a component like you do on many newer smaller cameras that only have a mini connection. If I were a cinematographer I’d hang on to it, but I’ve come to accept that my strengths really are more in producing and marketing.

You can read more about the camera specs here.

I would love for the camera to make its way into the hands of someone who will actually use it for their own work or for teaching others. If you are interested please use this contact form to get in touch, or if you know me please feel free to shoot me an email. Serious inquiries only though, please. And, you must be in the Philadelphia area or able to easily pick up the camera from Philadelphia soon.


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