After 27 Years And A Fight For Public Access, PhillyCAM TV Goes Live Wednesday!

Want to talk about long term vision in community organizing? For over 15 years a dedicated group of folks led a campaign to put pressure on the City to release money that Comcast had allocated starting the 1980s for creating a public access station.

It was a long process that involved a far reaching coalition of organizations throughout the City, endless meetings and even a lawsuit against the City. True story.

The result was that in the fall of 2007, the City finally signed the articles of incorporation to create the non-profit to run public access. On October 23, 2009, Philadelphia Community Access Media, PhillyCAM for short, began providing Philadelphians the opportunity to produce and air their own non-commercial television programs on cable channels Comcast 66/966 and Verizon 29/30.

They started out of temporary space at the Painted Bride and moved into their new state of the art facility that was constructed at 699 Ranstead Street (between Chestnut and Market on 7th) in late 2011.

On Wednesday February 8th they will kick off their grand opening and first live studio broadcast with a visit from Mayor Nutter for an afternoon press conference and a party for the general public from 6-9pm. The live studio television broadcast will happen during the evening party.

Come be a part of this historic moment in Philadelphia and learn what PhillyCAM can offer you! Details available here.


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