“In His Own Home” Documentary Screens in Philly This Friday

LCL, co-director and editor of In His Own Home.

Some of you may know that my best friend of 18 years–LC Lincoln–is also a media maker and was actually my inspiration for getting into this field. Luce’s new film, In His Own Home, is having a premiere work in progress screening at Scribe Video Center this Friday, April 27th at 7pm.

In His Own Home is a documentary about the March 2010 shooting of an unarmed disabled black 
graduate student by campus police at the University of Florida and the failure of the administration to address the racism and overmilitarization of its police force. It tells the story of Kofi Adu Brempong, a Ghanaian graduate student, disabled by childhood polio, attacked by a campus SWAT team during a bungled response to a 911 call from a neighbor. This film is also about students whose protests led the administration to drop criminal charges against Brempong and whose continued activism challenges police brutality.

For more information on the film, the filmmakers and Scribe Video Center click here.


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