Book List: Jack Kornfield’s “A Path With Heart”

I love Kornfield’s writing style. It’s clear, concise and engaging. He strikes a balance that resonates with me–not too heady, not too airy, and grounded in his understanding as someone dedicated to social justice work and living in community. As much of a social hermit as I am, I have no interest in being a monk on a mountaintop or engaging in any kind of fixed practice. I’m more interested in Jedi Knight training! How do I live in this world among people, make it more equitable, and stay focused in the day to day or really moment to moment. This book addresses that, for me. If you are looking for an intro to meditation practice or interpretations of Buddhist philosophies for Western audiences I think there are other books that I’d recommend first. This is a great reference for someone who has started maybe and is looking to deepen their understanding and relationship to their practice.



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