Call for Artists for Sketchbook Project 2013!

The Art House Coop has announced their call for 2013 participants in their Sketchbook Project. I posted about this project last year when the mister and I enrolled to participate in the 2012 Tour, which is visiting cities now. I don’t draw at all, but found this a fun way to get me to draw and not be too attached to the outcome. My 2012 Sketchbook is called “An Encyclopedia of Grief.” It sounds heavy but is actually kinda (bitter)sweet.

Here’s the basic breakdown of how it works: they put out a call for artists. For $25 you register and get a sketchbook sent to you with a theme either you can pick from their list or have randomly assigned to you. You send it back by the deadline and then they tour with all the books that year.

When you go to a tour stop exhibit, you check in and get a library card. You can check out sketchbooks either by theme, artist name (if you know of someone in particular participating whose work you’d like to see), city or just total random check out. And then you hang out for as long as the place is open combing through the sketchbooks you’ve checked out. When you’re done you turn them in and start it all over again.

After they tour, the books end up back at their homestead in Brooklyn where you can go anytime to check out their backlog of sketchbooks.

For more info and to register visit:


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