Meeting To Plan Coworking Media Arts Hub in Philly

[From the folks at PIFVA]

SEEKING Media Arts+ Creatives in Philadelphia

WHAT: Investigate the feasibility of Coworking Media Arts Hub

WHEN: Wednesday, June 27 at 6:30 – 8pm

WHERE: PhillyCAM, 699 Ranstead @ 7th Street and Chestnut St.

Are you a filmmaker or media artist or tech creative or simply a curious creative, seeking a community hub, a space to share, to collaborate, to create around and be with others? Do you spend time and funds working and meeting at a local coffee shop? Well…… come explore together alternative options.

Reserve your place:

  • Collaboration – We strive to include a diverse group of people with a wide range of knowledge.
  • Openness – Transparency is important. We all benefit from sharing ideas.
  • Community – Creating good social connections for business and personal life benefits our work.
  • Localism – Working in our downtown helps achieve our principles and contributes to our local economy.
  • Sustainability – Sharing resources is good for our local community and the planet. Plus when we share we save money.
  • Accessibility – Ease of access to tools, people, communication and COFFEE/TEA helps us flourish.

We are a group of connected individuals and freelancers, including PIFVA and PhilllyCAM, creating an economy of innovation and creativity in our community, who share values, and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented, motivated people in the same space. We want to build a sustainable Coworking community that focuses on Media Arts in all its possibilities.

You are invited to help plan a new co-working media hub for  catalyzing creativity located above PhillyCAM on 7th @ Chestnut St. We believe that being next to PhillyCAM, our regional community access media arts center, provides opportunities for creative development, interaction and networking. Please come share ideas for creating a sustainable, creative and accessible new community for Philadelphia Artists and Filmmakers.

MORE QUESTIONS, contact Caroline at:


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