Blackstar Film Festival Hits Philadelphia August 3-5

I’m excited to share that a festival I’m on the advisory board of–The BlackStar Film Festival–has launched their website! Check out this impressive line up of films that celebrate the visual and storytelling traditions of the African diaspora and to showcase film and video works by and about black people from across the globe.

Films include: Restless City, Middle of Nowhere, Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years, Soul Food Junkies, and many more! Help spread the word.



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  1. I am excited about the Black Star Film Festival. I am a writer with a Movie and Cartoon I hope that I can get a chance to meet someone who can give me the help that I need to get my work out to the right people, that will be a big blessing for me. Thank you!

  2. Will–there’s also going to be several workshops during the festival too. Great chance to network with folks, you should check them out! Good luck with your work.

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