Upworthy Hiring Freelance Writers

Upworthy.com was founded by veterans of The Onion, MoveOn, YouTube, and Facebook. Their mission is to make issues that matter go viral in the social media space, or as their website says “to make important stuff as viral as a video of some idiot surfing off his roof.

They are looking to hire some more contributors to work remotely on a freelance basis.

Freelance Writers at Upworthy will be responsible for scouring the web for amazing content and then repackaging that content to go viral with irresistible headlines and other copy. You must be able to submit 10 amazing links and write up 5 amazing pieces (either originals or found elsewhere on the web) per week that will get published to Upworthy.com. Your job might include testing headlines or working to further the goals of one of our nonprofit partners or helping Upworthy’s graphic designers frame an original piece of work. You’ll work directly with Upworthy’s leaders, get the inside scoop about our work on virality, have freedom and flexibility over your own schedule, and will be given sizeable bonuses for big hits.

Professional experience in one or more of the following areas will make you a great addition to Upworthy: humor / improv, advocacy, marketing, non-profit experience, advertising, graphic design, journalism, acting, communications, creative writing, Internet savvy, online community / moderator experience, and general tech savvy.

For more details and to apply visit: https://upworthy.wufoo.com/forms/upworthy-freelance-curator/


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