“Solar Mamas” New Documentary Film By Director of “Control Room”

My review of the documentary Solar Mamas is featured over at REORIENT magazine today. Click here to read.

While many may not know Egyptian-American filmmaker Jehane Noujaim by name, her award winning documentary film, Control Room, made a resounding impact worldwide. Released in 2004, Control Room exposed the difference in reporting on the US invasion of Iraq between Western media and the Arab news network, Al Jazeera, and earned Noujaim the 2006 TED Award for her vision to change the world through film.

Since Control Room, Noujaim has gone on to direct and produce several other documentary films, including Budrus (2009), Encounter Point (2006), and Storm from the South (2006). Her films share a common theme of looking at key moments in Arab countries when cultural shifts are in process, and her cinema vertie storytelling style allows viewers to follow characters in each of these settings, as realities of their worlds are revealed and unraveled in their daily interactions.

Noujaim’s latest film, Solar Mamas, co-directed with Mona Eldaief, tells the story of Rafea, a Bedouin woman living in a tent in the Jordanian desert near the Iraqi border. In Rafea’s village, the 300-odd inhabitants are all unemployed, and make their way through the world displaying the kind of resiliency and ingenuity that only comes with economic hardship. To read the full article click here.


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