Friday Snapshot: Media Consumption Week of October 20th

Since friends are always asking me what I’m watching and reading these days, I thought I’d start posting my media consumption for the week every Friday. Also, I think this will help dispel the myth that I only watch serious documentaries all the time.

Feel free to share your lists in the comments too–would love to know what other people are watching and listening to as well!

Feature Length Film
The Sheik and I by Caveh Zahedi

-3 episodes of Season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy
-1 episode of Dr. Who (David Tennen season)

-Finished The Things We Left Unsaid by Zoya Pirzad
-Started Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

-Archive episode of Fresh Air with Aziz Ansari
-Talk on Dharma Seed by Joe Reissig “Empowering the Inner Teacher”



Add yours →

  1. Sara Zia, I love this idea. I’m going to give it a try.

    Feature-length film: DETROPIA, THE INVISIBLE WAR
    TV: Three episodes of Nashville (ABC), one episode of African American Lives 2, one episode of Project Runway All-Stars, one episode of Snapped
    Music (albums in their entirety): Rufus Wainwright’s first album, The Chi-Lites’ For God’s Sake (Give More Power to the People), Gladys Knight & the Pips’ Imagination
    Radio: This American Life: Getting Away With It

    I don’t think I read anything this week! That’s sad. And of course none of this includes Internet consumption of news, blogs, Facebook and cat videos. 🙂

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