Online Social Screening of Tina Mabry’s Short Film “Crossover” Today 12pm ET

I’m so excited to be hosting another online social screening testing out ITVS’s new online social viewing software, OVEE.

Today’s film–which screens at 12pm ET–is a compelling futuristic story that shows a possible future if the gap in wealth and education access continues its current day trajectory.

Information about the screening is below. Please help spread the word!

How does it work?
On the day of the screening, click the link from your computer and join the virtual room! You’ll be able to watch the film while also interacting with other viewers. It’s totally free. You can join anonymously if you want so log ins or passwords are not needed.

CROSSOVER4Crossover   (19 min)
Join the screening here:
December 12, 2012 12:00pm ET

With special guest Debra Wilson, co-producer of Crossover

In a future where schools are segregated by economic status, a struggling mother must decide whether to sell her own organs to give her children a better education.



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