Retro Flower Quilt Is Done!

This isn’t the best picture of the full quilt–that will come soon. But it gives you a good enough idea!

For the past year I’ve been piecing together and then hand stitching this fabulous Retro Flower Quilt design by Sometimes Crafter. It has a lot of imperfections, but I’m still really proud of it. The thing I love about quilting is that it is so forgiving of imperfections. For some, the imperfections are actually what makes the quilt. It’s a place where I find I’m much more forgiving toward myself too when I make mistakes. When I quilt it’s the complete opposite feeling of when I’m working on digital media post-production (where I’m in a constant state of feeling imperfect and off). It’s interesting to notice and makes me rethink if I should be bothering with post-production or animation. . .



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