Original 1966 “Django” Western Screens In Philly Tomorrow Evening

It’s interesting to go back to some of Tarantino’s source material and see how much he’s really just a filmic DJ–remixing old movies together into new contexts. The International House of Philadelphia is screening the original 1966 film Django on January 24th at 7pm .

The inspiration for many of Quentin Tarantino’s signature film bits (Reservoir Dogs‘ infamous ear-cutting scene was a direct reference), and now homaged in his Django Unchained, mean it’s time to revisit the original 1966 Spaghetti Western blockbuster that spawned over 30 sequels and cemented the genre as an international phenomenon. Franco Nero, stars as the title character, a horseless, dark-clad, blazingly blue-eyed stranger dragging a coffin through the mud of a desolate frontier town, Django is a red ragù of confederates, bandidos, Klansmen, dance hall gals, and a bloody trail of too-slow-on-the draw bad men.


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