Next Week: Free Online Screening of Doc Film On 2005 Egyptian Election

shayfeencom-01Social movements don’t emerge from nothingness as the media sometimes would try to have us believe. They are the result of years of grassroots community organizing and awareness building that then culminate in key moments that capture international attention and earn them an “official” label.

So where did the protests of the “Arab Spring” in Egypt arise from? Join on Wednesday February 6th for a free online social screening of the documentary Shayfeencom: We’re Watching You.  The film (52 minutes) provides an intimate look at the 2005 multi-party elections in Egypt through the eyes of three women working to assure the election’s legitimacy. The women provide unprecedented access to activists operating in and around the highest levels of both government and opposition groups. It gives excellent context for the organizing that was happening in Egypt before most of us tuned in years later during the Arab Spring. It also shows how these women used the technology available to them at the time to build their movement for justice–a early harbinger to how social media was used years later.

The social screening uses a new technology called OVEE which allows viewers to gather remotely to watch a film together online and interact with a text chat as they watch together.  On the day of the screening you click the link below. You can log in anonymously or with your Facebook login and stay for as little or as long as you’d like. You can watch a little video about how OVEE works here. This screening is presented in partnership with We’re Watching You
Wednesday, February 6 at 3pm ET

To join go to



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