Artists I Learned About From “The Female Gaze” Exhibit At PAFA

alicia henry
Untitled (Grey Cloth Face) by Alicia Henry, part of the exhibit at PAFA

This weekend I was able to visit the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts  exhibit The Female Gaze  literally in its last hours. The exhibit, which was on display the last few months,  featured the artwork of close to 200 female artists from around the world, all from the collection of Linda Lee Alter.

I learned about so many new artists from this exhibit and was grateful for the opportunity for the exposure. Some of my favorites included Diane Edison who is featured in this recent art blog post on the exhibit. Her large scale portrait (44×30) is striking and evocative. While I was looking at it an older gentleman who happened to be standing next to me at the time randomly turned to me and said “This is a very honest woman.”

Another artist whose work that I was introduced to was Sue Coe. While the actual content of much of her work does displays beliefs that don’t necessarily coincide with my own (she is an adamant vegan and animal rights activist), I appreciate the storytelling in her images and the craft involved in her woodcuts.

One of my favorites was Alicia Henry, who works primarily with fabric and textiles creating images of faces. It’s likely because this is because I’m in a textile phase with much of my own creative work and find myself gravitating more towards fabric art. There is something in the simplicity and starkness of her work that resonates with me.


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