“Expensify” App Is Going To Make Next April So Much Easier


Having recently finally slogged through my taxes (which can be extra special as a consultant, especially when it comes to Philadelphia city taxes) I’ve got expense reports on my mind.

I’ve used a hodge-podge of apps on my phone this past year or so to try to be better and documenting items I can list as expenses for taxes, but none of them were ideal. Last weekend my accountant introduced me Expensify, which has totally been rocking my mundane duties as a responsible adult human world.

Expensify, whose tag line reads “Expense Reports That Don’t Suck” is a free way to track receipts and milage all in one (before I was using two different apps). For expenses you can snap a smart photo of your receipt and it pulls the information from the text into your expenses (as well as saving a copy of the receipt). For the milage tracker, it actually has a GPS function, so instead of having to write my miles at the start and end of a trip (which as simple as it sounds, I often forget to do) you just press a start button and it tracks your milage for you. And it recognizes most businesses so if I drive from my house to Staples, it recognizes that I’m going to Staples and writes that in as the destination.

Each year my taxes are slightly less of an overwhelming experience. Here’s to being even better organized next year!


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