Tumblr of the Week: “The Worst Room” About Finding A Place to Live In NYC

tumblr_mo8qk4Sulx1spj6p2o1_1280I lapsed on posting a “Tumblr of the Week” the last two weeks because I’ve had a lot going on, but I’m back on track and know you’re ready for another glimpse into the creative and bizarre that Tumblr makes possible.

This week’s Tumblr pick reminds me why I love Philadelphia so much–all the benefits of a big city, proximity to New York City, but without the ridiculous rent prices of New York City. My friend who recently moved to Brooklyn said to me “It’s crazy that I’m renting a tiny apartment for what you are renting a three room 1200sq ft house with a yard.” Indeed.

The Worst Room” is a Tumblr where people can share photos of ridiculous rooms they find for rent in New York on Craigslist. For example, the one pictured above is described as:  Upper West Side, Manhattan. $850.00, “mezzanine above the living room”, “its about 3 feet tall so you can’t stand up”, “you wont have a door but the loft is private.”



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