Useful Video For Understanding 2014 Health Care Changes and “Obama Care”

Do you have a good sense of what the new health care options are starting 2014? The HR folks at work just shared this cute 7minute video that does a good job of clarifying what the options are and the advantages and disadvantages of each. I found it really useful and thought I’d pass it along.



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  1. Thank you very much. A great overview! Will be reposting this on FB and on my health/medical news blog (
    I live here in Ohio and have recently heard that a state nonprofit recently got a grant for Navigators for the health insurance exchange programs.
    Am now on their email list for employment/volunteer opportunities.
    Have been very concerned about how folks are going to find out about these exchange programs. Hopefully soon I can be part of the solution!
    Again, thanks! Found this site through my WordPress Reader (healthcare tag)

  2. Thanks, Janice! Glad to hear it’s useful and that you’ll be putting it to use. Always encouraging to hear that people like you are out there and helping to connect people with better understanding of their options.

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