Tumblr of the week: Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train

mentakingupspaceSome of you know that the phenomena of men who spread their legs wide when they sit is one of my primary agitations about gender socialization. In fact, the femme lead in my script I’m working on tries to go a day with spreading her legs out when she sits (and doesn’t make it past an hour).

I remember when I first read transgender activist Kate Bornstein’s Gender Outlaw over a decade ago I was struck by her description that one of the more challenging aspects of undoing male gender socialization was how she took up space and how much she hadn’t been aware of it before transitioning–that was a moment where I felt validated that this was actually a “thing” and not my own musing.

So, as a tribute, this weeks Tumblr pick is an outlet documenting this repeatedly on public transit: Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train. Bring it in a few inches, folks.


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  1. I like this, as I spent long childhood road trips in the backseat between two older brothers who made a point of not giving me any room. With enough conditioning, a girl can grow up believing she doesn’t deserve the space, and that she has to apologize for wanting it. That said, I’m a little obsessed with people who take up too much space in public places, especially airport gates, and that seems to be divided equally along gender lines. I can’t believe someone would use a seat for their bags when people are standing nearby!

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