Make this documentary on activist poet Sonia Sanchez happen!

soniasanchezBecause my taxes go to things that are not a priority to me (war, prison expansion, etc) I impose a self tax and give away 1% of my income every year to cultural projects I’m inspired by. I bring this up because some of us with lots of creative friends may be feeling a bit of “Kickstarter fatigue”–seems like everyone you know is funding raising for their creative projects using Kickstarter these days. But it’s really important for us to come through and support work we want to see made, especially in a political climate where there’s no funding for the arts in the US (or much else for that matter!).

It’s on us to pool together resources to push forward the things we believe in (whatever that is for you) to continue to happen. Not in a we’re letting the government off the hook kind of a way, but in a you don’t get to decide what is worthy because we also have power kind of way.

That’s why I’m making this pitch to ask you all to join in helping make this documentary on activist and poet Sonia Sanchez happen. Even $5 can help move this project forward into reality. They have 7 days left to raise the money. If you’re a fan of Sonia’s work, can you help spread the word so that this document of her incredible contributions can happen?


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