Call for Submissions: Sexuality in the Middle East & North Africa

10268725_10152413692452518_5728592011980195161_nMuftah is putting together a Special Collection of articles exploring gender and sexual variance across the Arab and Muslim worlds and their diaspora communities. They are seeking well-written, interesting submissions of 1000 to 2000 words exploring the following topics:

  • transgender issues in the Arab and Muslim world, including health, surgical access, compulsory procedures, and legal status
  • migrant rights and the intersections of homophobia and xenophobia
  • Islam and new theologies of sexuality
  • Islamic feminism and the inclusion / exclusion of LGBTQ movements
  • the politicization and criminalization of nonnormative sexualities
  • “pinkwashing,” hegemonic queer cultures, and homonationalism as Islamophobia

This Special Collection will broaden popular, simplistic discourses about sexuality, gender, and feminism in the MENA region. They are particularly interested in articles which eschew Western conceptualizations of “LGBTQ” movements, and present local understandings of gender and sexuality in their own terms.

Submissions are due July 31, 2014.

Please email articles to


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