Extra! Extra! Be an extra in this webseries 9/20 or 9/22

casting-calls3I’m looking for some extras for a web series I’m directing that we’re shooting starting this weekend! All extras will have screen time–it’s a great opportunity to add to your reel!


On Saturday, September 20 we’re looking for 15 people to play the co-workers of the main character, Shay, who sit in the conference room and are delivered the news from their boss that the company is downsizing. If you feel up to more acting, the co-worker are also featured packing up boxes, ripping things apart, and freaking out at their cubicles. Call time will be 9am and you should expect to be there until about 5-6pm. Dress for the part is business casual. Location is in the Philadelphia Building at 13th and Walnut in Center City.

On Monday, September 22 we’re looking for 7-10 people to play coffeeshop patrons in the place where both of Shay’s credit cards get declined and she has a run in with some white hipster dudes that results in her getting hot coffee in the face. Some extras will be behind her in line being annoyed at her not being able to pay, others can just read or work on your laptops at tables in the background. Dress is whatever you’d like, as long as it looks like it’s cold/later in the fall (hats, scarfs, hoodies, etc.). Location is Cafe Chismosa, at 4th and Poplar in Northern Liberties.  Call time will be 11am and you should expect to be there until 4:30pm.

If you are available and interested please email Ted Passon at  ted[at]allagesproductions.com with “Extras for Bailout” in the subject line. Be sure to let him know which scene you are available for. 

Unfortunately, the extras roles are unpaid and while we can possibly offer snacks we can’t afford catering for everyone, so you’ll need to provide your own lunch. Making movies is incredibly expensive, and most of our budget is going toward equipment and props to make this look beautiful. But you’ll be treated well, showered with love, and get to spend a day with some cool creative people. We’re hoping that our community of friends can help pull together to make this part happen!


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